Water Awareness Walk
Nibi Mosewin Gii-Taasamong Odoonabii Ziibi
“River that beats like a heart”
Sunday, May 10, 2015

Join us this Mother’s Day for this year’s water walk! Beginning at the Bajiishka ‘ogaan (Tipi) in the Traditional Area near Trent University’s Gzowski College.

Ceremony and Water Blessing 6:30 am

One Day Walk
Everyone Welcome
Food Water & Snacks will be provided
Please wear good walking shoes
Walk for an hour or two or for the day
Be prepared to enjoy the day
For more information about the water walk, please contact one of the following:

Boozhoo… it’s almost time for this year’s Water Walk! Here are a few reminders.

The Water Walkers Checklist:

GOOD walking shoes
An extra pair of socks
Umbrellas and water-proof outerwear
Reusable water bottles
Sunscreen and bug repellant
Snacks and fruit will be provided but you’re also welcome to bring your own
Personally-designed, ready-to-wear,water-related placards or t-shirts
A good heart!
Water Walk Protocol:

We have been directed to walk on the gravel side of the roads at all times.
Do not impede traffic unnecessarily. Be aware of your surroundings.
Walk together as a group. No runaways or stragglers!
The women will carry the water and the men will carry the water staff. These two people will lead the group at all times.
Take frequent turns to carry the water and staff. Perhaps 15-minute intervals for the women, so that all women have an opportunity to carry the water.
Children are welcome! Please take extra care along the busy roads. We will do our best to look out for the safety of all walkers, especially the little ones.
If it’s difficult to keep up or if you get tired, please ride for awhile in the support vehicles.
In respect for Anishinaabe ceremonial traditions, we kindly request that women wear long skirts and men wear long pants.
Because the Water Walk is spiritual in nature, we ask that all walkers carry tobacco and to be ready to offer tobacco to the creeks, rivers and lakes as we walk by. If you do not have tobacco, it will be supplied.
Please do not bring your pets. (We love our pets but we do not bring them to ceremony.)

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