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While oral tradition can be transcribed and read, doing so leaves out the involvement of listening. It is good to hear where the words come from. It is good to hear stories and testimonies over and over again and take them into your heart. So sojourn a while with these ones bridging from the past to a more sustainable and spirit-filled future, end your session with the closing drum song, letting yourself vibrate with gratitude and resolve to live better on this earth, say miigwech, and go on with your day.

Jhaimy: Andean Traditional Story Morris Neyelle: Water Heart Story Chief Arvol Looking Horse: White Buffalo Calf Prophecy Shirley Williams: Learning From Her Father Closing Drum Song Liz Osawamick: Kawartha Water Walks Cheyenne Marsden: Water for Solace Not Sale Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Lakota Ceremonies and Prophecies Charlie Neyelle: His Spiritual Vision Morris Neyelle: About Great Bear Lake Charlie Neyelle: Why He Respects Water Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Introduction Josephine Mandamin: Duty of All Towards Water Josephine Mandamain: Knows Who She Is Dorothy Taylor: Sacred Water Circle Vision Josephine Mandamin: Identity And Call Of Spirit Charlie Neyelle: People Sticking Together Shirley Williams:Taking Responsibility For Water Josephine: Gifts We Are Born With Josephine Mandamin: Duty to and for Water Doug Williams: Importance Of Oral Tradition Phyllis Williams: Role Of Women To Protect Water Charlie Neyelle: How Powerful People Were Charlie Neyelle: Acting Together and Love Charlie Neyelle: 7 Spirits Within You Charlie Neyelle: Water Heart Charlie Neyelle: PreHistory Stories Charlie Neyelle: Dene Stories and Prophecies Charlie Neyelle: Loving Your Self Charlie Neyelle: Personal Spiritual Work Charlie Neyelle: Two Visions Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta: Water Is The Energy Of Creation Liz Osawamick: Need To Get BackToThe Old Ways Shirley Williams: Walking For Water Experience Shirley Williams: Walking For Water Experience Phyllis Williams: Water Is Life Blood Shirley Williams: Wenjack Story Sherry Longboat: Canadian Water Decision Making Sherry Longboat: Hamilton Water Management Project Sherry Longboat: How We Can Be Responsible Politically Cheyenne Marsden: Alderville Water Project Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Dust Bowl Story Charlie Neyelle: How To Heal The Earth Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta: Call of the Spirit Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Water of Life Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Sacred Hoop Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Need For Care and Respect Chief Arvol Looking Horse: How We Can Change The World Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta: How To Live In These Times Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Where He Would Say Prayers Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Everybody Has A Dream Morris Neyelle: Potency of Living Water Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Coming of Age Teachings People of the Earth: Greeting People of the Earth: Sacredness of Creative Energies People of the Earth: Restore Creative Energies People of the Earth: Earth Mother Will Protect Herself People of the Earth: Call to Share Healings We Have Found Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta: ListenTo The Heart Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta: Reverence Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta:Adaptation/Transformation Doug Williams: What To Do To Protect Earth  title= Josephine Mandamin: Kill With Kindness Liz Osawamick: Seeds of Knowledge Cheyenne Marsden: Alderville Water Project