How to Make Immigration to Canada Possible?

Are you thinking about immigrating to Canada? Are you still confused about the right way?

Fret not. Check the following link that has been conjured up by the immigration lawyer Brampton to let you know about the ways you can apply for the visa to the cold lands of Canada.

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Main Categories

There are three main categories through which you can apply for the program through a Brampton immigration lawyer.

  • Permanent Residence: This falls under the long-term immigration program. You can also apply for this category through the express entry or the family sponsorship programs of Canada.
  • Work Permits: With this kind of visa you will be able to work in the country for a limited period of time.
  • Study Permit: These are for international students. With this permits, any international student can study in the approved institution of the country. The student can later seek jobs in the country and might also have the option of availing permanent residency in Canada.

If you do not fall under the above-mentioned options, don’t lose heart, check the following popular options and get in touch with a good immigration lawyer Brampton.

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Express Entry

This system has been introduced by the Canadian government in 2015. This simple system manages all the applications for economic immigration. Thousands of applicants and their families have been invited to Canada through this umbrella system. This single system covers the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Federal Skilled Trades Program. To know more about this system, you should get in touch with a good immigration lawyer Brampton.

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Provincial Nominee Program

The Canadian provinces are responsible for their own immigration programs. There are three territories and ten provinces in Canada. The immigration opportunities that these provinces offer are known as the Provincial Nominee Programs. The problem for this program is that there are far too many options for the candidate to choose from. To be sure whether you have the eligibility for this program, you should get in touch with an immigration lawyer Brampton right away.

Quebec Immigration

Quebec is a province of Canada. However, it has more autonomous than any other region in the field of immigration. Right now, there are no streams of Quebec immigration that aligns with the express entry system. You should check the programs offered by the Quebec government and apply in the programs such as Quebec Experience Class, Quebec Business Immigration, or Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The two steps procedure to the application is a bit confusing.

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Canadian Family Sponsorship

This is the second largest class of Canadian immigration program. If your spouse or child is a permanent resident of the country, then they are allowed to sponsor you to become a citizen of Canada. There are different programs under this sponsorship like spousal sponsorship and parent and grandparent sponsorship. If you have not been able to apply for the sponsorship, then you can apply for the super visa program.
Applying for a visa to another country can be a headache for you. Plan the steps to be taken before applying for a visa. Get in touch with an experienced immigration lawyer Burnaby to make the process fast and bump free.

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