Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Defend Someone Guilty?

According to the law, even the one committing the crime has the right to be defended. When these scoundrels are acquitted by the court, it turns the public against the lawyer who fought the case on their behalf.

A criminal defense lawyer always knows the truth. Even if their client is guilty, they will try their best to shift the blame on the victim or prove them innocent before the court. This may seem wrong but it’s their job. They are fighting on behalf of their clients and will make sure that they win the case.

There are times when the accused is not guilty but he still has to prove his innocence. In this situation too you need the help of a lawyer to get your back. To your lawyer, it doesn’t matter whether you are guilty or not. Even if you are, they will still fight the case for you. You can check out a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto if you need any professional help.

How does a criminal defence lawyer defend someone who they think is guilty?

There are two things to be kept in mind. First is factual guilt and second is legal guilt. Then comes the lawyer’s responsibility to their clients. If the accused have come for help to you, you have to uphold their case before the court.

What happens in a trial room?

The main purpose of hiring a criminal defense lawyer is to defend yourself against the charges put on you. In the beginning, the charges are probable cause that you may be guilty of the crime. In a trial room, the main task of the lawyer is to prove your innocence.

The court believes that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. This is what is followed by US courts. This is an ancient law that is supported by 5th, 6th and 14th amendments to the constitution. The government cannot deprive you of your life, property, and liberty unless you are proven guilty in the court.

What does guilty means in court?

In the court, there are two types of guilt including factual guilt and legal guilt. In a trial, your legal guilt is questioned. Your lawyer will never ask you about whether you are guilty. That’s because it is not considered to be relevant to the case. Also, the lawyer must find out the truth. But above all, your lawyer must defend you even if you are guilty of the charges pressed against you.

What happens when the truth is out?

 A lawyer is not supposed to lie if they already have information about their client’s guilt. Not just that but they also cannot represent false evidence to save their client. You need to understand that it’s the court that decides whether you are guilty. This is not a lawyer’s job.

Criminal or not, your lawyer will always be on your side. They will try their best to defend you.

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