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    The Sacred Water Circle is made of up volunteers from all cultures who believe that water is sacred and that the time for action is now.

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    The SWC has an active role in youth mentoring.  The Youth Voices project was led by a group of dynamic and diverse young people from all walks of life who came together in 2013 to create dialogue and action around water from a spiritual perspective.

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The Sacred Water Circle is a volunteer run, not for profit initiative that has brought together Indigenous and non- Indigenous people to work together for the benefit of water. The initiative leads with spirituality- but also recognizes the necessity of working with science and policy to promote positive change in how we live with water. To date we have worked with scientists, researchers, municipal representatives, universities, colleges and many community groups.

Last May we organized our biggest Gathering yet with Spiritual Elders and Traditional Knowledge Holders from both North and South America providing teachings on water and the sacred. With these teachings as a foundation we are creating a community- wide local action plan for water. We have learned a lot about working together with people from a variety of cultures and demographics to build an initiative that aims to build capacity within our communities to protect and care for water.

Our Vision

Inspired by traditional Indigenous teaching and leading with hope and spiritual courage, the Sacred Water Circle sees a restored relationship between human communities and water. Sacred Water Circle seeks to create dialogue around spiritually-based environmental issues, and to motivate communities and governments to act to set policy that will protect our water, by leading with prayer and walking together.

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